Working Dogs
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We started the AKC hunt test program in 1989.  It is just so much fun to see the dogs work at what they were bred to do.
Sarah with Remedy's Itchin To Get There MH, "Getty".  Doc with
Remedy's Reno Gambler MH "Gambler" on his left.  Gambler ran the Master National in 1999 in SC and 2003 in Thomasville, GA.  On his right is  Coalwater's Wild Willie MH, "Willie".  This was Willie's first and only time to be able to run the Master National. He was one of 57 out of 174 dogs that ran in Master B that qualified!
Getty was the third yellow female in Florida with a Master Hunter title, her mum, my Gillie, Shamrock Acres Remedy To GO MH was the first yellow female in Florida with a MH title. 
This page to be up dated to present date, 5 Master National plates later and new dogs!

To the left is our son Jeffrey and myself at the Master National in Maryland 2011 where Jim was one of the judges.  On the right, Jim and I at the TCRC field trial in January 2013.  Jim received a JAM with his new dog Snapper,  CK's Crockodile MH  (2 plates from the Master National)  and me a Reserve Jam with my new girl Annie, 
Castlebay's Harley'n Tanks Annphibian MH

Jim has a new boy, Lance's Know When To Hold ' Em SH  "Cash"  - He now has  2 legs of his MH title at 19 months of age born on 4/20/16 Bred and trained by Paul Lance

Sarah got herself a Christmas present this year, his name is:
Good Idea's Thinkin The Blues -  "Hooker" 
Hooker is a 2 year old black male sired by NAFC Mulligan Off The Rainy T X FC AFC Good Ideas National Pair he was run by Mike Berube in Maine this summer and got 5 of his 6 MH legs, one more to go for his title.  Bred by Ken Neil

photos to follow

HRCH Remedy's Lone Ranger MH
Family companion and a Master Hunter sired by two Best In Specialty Show Champions.
Owned and loved by Lois and Rusty Mackey

 BIS BISS AM CAN CH Borador's Alligator Shoes JH  x  Multiple BISS CH Remedy's Ebony Quest
Mike Sommers trained Ranger and also trained his dad "Gator" to achieve his JH title at the age of 7.

Gator, the # 1 Labrador in the United States and # 1 Sporting Dog of 2000, also a JAM at Westminster 1999
and achieved his JUNIOR HUNTER title after he retired from showing at the age of 7.

DuWayne Bickel of Wisconsin and Doc Wonnell of Florida  judged the Master National,  division B in Maryland in 2011 and Jim will be judging in Oregon in 2018 ! 

Ah .........the Master National ribbons and coveted AKC plates!

Doc with "RU", CFC Gahonks R U Serious MH.  He qualified in Virginia  in 2007 and 2005 in Texas where he was one of 42 that qualified out of 135 dogs that ran in Master B.   In 2009 he ran in Giddings, TX again but unfortunately, he missed the last bird  in the last series.  RU was a GREAT dog!  Next was Snapper who we just lost August 20, 2017 before he was able to get his 3rd Master National plate and his Hall Of Fame.
Jim now has a new black boy named "Cash"  Lances Know When To Hold 'Em SH that just got his first Master ribbon 11/12/2017 at the tender age of 18 months of age.  They will have a great time playing in the field!

Shamrock Acres Remedy To Go MH  "Gillie" the first yellow female Master Hunter in Florida and my first field bred Labrador.
She was trained by Barbara Genthner.  She also ran the Master
National in Nevada in 1994.  
(FC  Wilderness Harley To Go  X  Shamrock Acres Excess Baggage)
I now have Annie and a new pup named Ironweeds Lots Of Stomin Ginny To Go at Remedy "Ginny" who is in training with Paul Lance in Wisconsin.  Hoping to be running her in 2018.

Whether in the wagon hunting and retrieving Quail or out for a joy ride in the boat, Labradors have it all ! 
This is Bronco, Robnies Fords Bronco and his son, Macho - Remedy's Longpine Macho Ren Marine. 
"Macho" was named for Renny McPherson, a Marine who serverd in Iraq  and son of actress,  Tina Sloan McPherson who was here and helped to deliver "Macho".

Remedy's Longpine Macho Ren Marine, "Macho" with his Mistress Ellie Ford at Longpine Plantation retrieving Quail for dinner

Sarah running CK's Crockodile "Snapper" for the first time in Masters at the TCRC event in January 2013 and earning his first Master  leg of 6 required for his title of MH


Doc with Dominatiors Magnum PI, MH


My new girl, "Annie"  -  Castlebay's Harley'n Tanks Annphibian MH.  She has qualified to run the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017  Master National  - She was also qualified to run the 2017 Master Amateur National in Georgia, the first one of record and is qualified to run this year (2017) in Sedalia, Missouri in which we will be going to in May.


Annie and me at the Borderline Plantation Invitational April 28, 2013

These are all Remedy Girls, all born here and were sired by our boy's, Gator, Q, Sinker and Chase.    All have their CD titles in Obedience and 5 that need one more qual for their CDX title.  They all belong to Marcy Holton in Sarasota, FL who competes with them.  Her Trainer is Diane Thompson.

Be it working in the field, working in the obedience ring, working as Service dogs or Search and Rescue - Labradors are Brilliant and LOVE what their assignment is !  


Ranger in the center, Remedy's Rainier Ranger, Fema type 1 SAR and JH, and below left earing his JH title in the field.
Marley, on the right, just graduating obedience school of manners, he appeared at Times Square on the marquis. 


Ranger ON the job as a SAR disaster dog below and one of our chocolates from long ago, Remedy's Wild Turkey WC. 


At the line with "Getty" , Gillies great granddaughter and the 3rd MH yellow female in Florida.  trained by Davis Arthur.    Coming off the line with "Annie" 2013

Remedy's Allegra Bay CGC CDX  SH
BIS BISS Am Can Ch Boradors Alligator Shoes JH  x  Boradors Twisted Sister
Again, a conformation dog that does it all !

Butler JH with half brothers Chobee JH and Crocket JH  - Their sire lying down, Am Can CH Scherwoods John Alden
All show bred.  Photo:  1990

Sarah with "Gillie", Shamrock Acres Remedy To Go MH at a tower shoot. 

Bronco and his son Macho on the wagon being intent.  It is awesome when SHOW Labradors can also do what they were bred to do - RETRIEVE !

Macho as a pup below - already at WORK, selling books for his Name Sakes Mom, Tina Sloan McPherson.  Her Son Renny McPherson, a Marine who severd our country.

Sarah and Jim after a great field event!

Master National Retriever Club, Inc.

Entry Express

Treasure Coast Retriever Club, Stuart, Florida
Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club, Thomasville, GA

Titled Remedy Labradors since 1986  (AKC)

Remedy's Longpine Winnie CGC
Remedy's Longpine And Zen Some Gator CGC

Remedy's Paddington Of Glenn JH SH

Remedy's Paddington of Glenn JH
"Gracie"   Remedy's Rushing Diamond Lure CD CGC
"Sophie"   Remedy's B Line Quest CD CGC
"Cloe"   Remedy's B Line Spinner CD CGC 
"Lily"   Remedy's O'My Quest For Prada CD CGC 
"Paddy"  Remedy's Paddington Glenn SH  (04-2013)


CH Remedy's Rushing Hula Popper
 Ch Remedy's Pippa Dee Quest

Finished  Championship  4 pt major under Mr. Tom Bradley III

2 X BISS Ch Remedy's Ebony Quest  TD

Ch Remedy's Hook Line And Sinker (winner Stud dog class SFLRC)
Ch Remedy's Seamus Podrick Quest
Ch Remedy's Ki Ki Dee

BIS BISS Am Can Ch Boradors Alligator Shoes JH
# 1 Lab in the US and # 1 Sporting dog in the US + JAM at Westminster

Am Can Ch Remedy's Scenic Cruiser CGC CDX

Ch Remedy's Sunrise Quest
Ch Remedy's Pass Rusher
Ch Remedy's Lucky Jake TD
Ch Remedy's Pass Rusher
Ch Borowicks Quest - Winner Stud Dog Class SFLRC
Ch Remedy's Halt At Q - Winner Veteran bitch class SFLRC
Ch Remedy's Impish Sister
Am Can Ch Remedy's Twisted Quest JH
Ch Remedy's Della Reese (Chocolate)
Am Can Ch Remedy's Doggett Coat And Badge
JP Ch Remedy's Royal Brodie
Ch Remedy's Prevost
Ch Remedy's Sir Banister Fletcher
Ch Remedy's Merlin's Magic CDX WC JH
Am Can Ch Remedy's Just Imagine CD JH
Ch Castlewoods Lots Of Notice
Ch Dickendall Buckstone Lton

Castlebay's Harley'n Tank's  Annphibian MH (Qualified to run 2013 Master National in KS in September) 
CK's Crockodile MH (Qualified to run 2013 Master National in KS and was awarded a plate!

CFC Gahonk's R U Serious MH
(2 x Master National Qualifyer, 2005 in TX and 2007 in  VA )

Coalwater Wild Willie MH
(ran and qualified the  Master National 2003 in GA)

Remedy's Itching To Get There MH (ran 2003 Master National GA)
Dominators Magnum PI MH
Shamrock Acres Remedy To Go MH (ran 1994 Master National in NV)
HRCH Remedy's Lone Ranger MH
Remedy's NIte Hawk MH  (ran 2003 Master National in GA)
Remedy's St.Lucie Maverick MH
Remedy's Yellow Bandit MH
Remedy's Reno Gambler MH (ran 1999 Master National in SC)


Remedy's Rainier Ranger WC CD JH FEMA Type 1 Disaster Dog
Remedy's Bella Luna FEMA Type 1 Disaster Dog, the first in FL
Remedy's Rapid Rescuer
Remedy's Royal Duncan
Remedy's Royal Bailey CD CDX NA NAJ TD SAR VCD1



Remedy's Portia TD
Remedy's B Line Spinner CD
Remedy's Rushing Diamond Lure CD
Remedy's B Line Quest CD
Remedy's My Quest For Prada CD
Remedy's Running Rose Lexus CD
Remedy's Kiss Me Kate CD
Remedy's Miss Churchill CD
Remedy's My Sweet Abby CD
Remedy's Bit O'Honey CGC, RN, CD
Remedy's Chip And Run CGC
Remedy's Ghost of Jacob Marley CGC
Remedy's Lokota Kola TD
Remedy's Buck JH SH
SHR Remedy's Fancy Dancing Shoes WC JH
Remedy's Bit O'Honey CGC RN
Remedy's Ghost Of Jacob Marley CGC TD
Remedy's Allegra Bay CGC CD CDX JH SH
Remedy's No End In Sight CD
Remedy's Royal Bailey CD CDX NA NAJ TD SAR VCD1
Remedy's Van Hetherington's Marlin JH
Remedy's Precious Pearl CGC CD
Remedy's Once In A Blue Moon CD
Remedy's Awesome Andy CGC TD
Remedy's Amazing Grace CGC TD
Remedy's Jazz Waltz SH
Remedy's Casper  JH
Remedy's Southwind Traveler NAJ CD
Remedy's Royal Bailey CGC CDX NAJ JH
Remedy's Xcellent Adventure CGC CD
Remedy's MIdnight MOntero SH (-1 for MH)
Remedy's Yankee Banner SH (-1 for MH)
Remedy's Amber Falon JH
Remedy's Happy Lady JH
Doc's Remedy's JH
Remedy's Magnum Gunner SH
Remedy's Shot Of Scotch CD
Remedy's Coat Of Arms JH
Remedy's Black Steel JH
Remedy's Black Gambit JH
Remedy's Phantom O'The Hamock JH
Remedy's Leaping Lizard CDX #19 in US Obedience
Remedy's Gentle Savanah JH
Remedy's Sir Duffy WC
Remedy's Lit's Bit O Brie WC JH
Remedy's Daffini Fabrini CGC
Remedy's Tealbrook Seven JH
Remedy's Goin Bolistic JH
Remedy's Double Or Nothin T'Go JH
Remedy's Wild Turkey WC
Remedy's Windance Zephyr CDX
Remedy's Huntington Drake CD
Remedy's Samatha Fox WC JH
Remedy's Black Magic O'Shiloh WC JH
Remedy's Busy Baily O'Whygin TT CD
Remedy's Crocket Of Scherwood WC JH
Remedy's Chobee Jon O'Whygin WC JH
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