Exciting News! 
We have a new yellow boy arriving from Sweden on November 29, 2019 !
Annual's Purple Rain
"Paco" is a full brother to "Pete", CH Annual's Pop Star that is visiting Dickendall Labradors in Texas until April of 2020.

Up-Coming litters expected at Remedy in 2019 into 2020

Breeding is also at the mercy of Mother Nature with the best laid plans.  We do ovulation timing tests for the best time to breed as well as testing of the stud dog that is to be used.   Sometimes girls do not "take", there are no guarantees just because they are bred that they will actually be pregnant - it "can happen", Anything can happen when breeding.  


Remedy's O'My Huckins Forest is bred to Remedy's O'My Happy Tommy Shoes
Tommy was sired by Dickendall Buckstone And Zen Some
This litter will be all yellow and due the end of December 2019

Dickendall Buckstone And Zen Some is bred to Remedy's Hats Off To Henley
Henley was sired by CH Caerleon's Mad Hatter

This will be an all yellow litter and due to arrive in January 2020 



New Litters will be posted as soon as girls come into season  

There may be other sires that will be used this  year as I have several out there with special people, we just have to watch their development and clearances.

I post photos of our pups to our Remedy Labradors Face Book  page so you can enjoy the journey of the pups as they develop.  It is a community page so you don't have to be a member of FB to view the page.  I let new parents know their pup has been born after they are three days old as that is the critical time after birth. 

Please go to our Contact Us page to leave me your information, i.e.; name, address, phone number, e-mail address and I can get back to you with information.  A personal e-mail may go to my spam filter.  I print out this page when you phone to take notes for your preferences in a puppy if you are approved.  You can reach me by phone after you have submitted your information at  772-288-1254.  We need to speak to our prospective new parents or meet in person if possible. 

Our Labradors are also used as service dogs or special needs but we do not train these pups, we suggest that you contact a trainer for the specific needs you have and then let me know what they want to see in that pup.  I can select a pup for your needs but sometimes the needs are out of my realm of knowledge.  Thank you.

Our pups have their dew claws removed, micro chipped with the AKC Reunite chip for identification, (also mandatory for AKC) have their first shot of DA2PP as well as wormed every 2 weeks.  Nails are trimmed every 10 days.  Before they leave our premises they are given a physical, auscultated, bites are checked and all information is on their state of Florida health certificate.   Our pups are very well socialized, sometimes  have their first car ride and play date party at a different location to help with their socialization along with children and other dogs present.  I do "import" children to socialize with the pups.   They are also introduced to our Norwich Terrier, Tillie,  (our family pet), this helps if the new family has a small dog or cat that needs to be respected.   The day that they leave our premise's to go home with you, they are given a bath, ears are cleaned,  nails trimmed again and Revolution is applied to prevent against heartworms, ear mites and fleas for the first 30 days with you.  The Revolution being applied makes it unnecessary for a blood draw by your veterinarian to prescribe heart worm medication.  Revolution is the only product that is safe for an 8 week old puppy.  Please  go with what your Vet prescribes for heartworm prevention, such as Heartguard plus after the first 30 days.  You will receive a binder with ALL information from feeding, shot schedule, house training, crate training, starting obedience training and everything else you can think of.  I am also here to answer any and all questions that you have for the life of your family member.  I will give you my cell number with your puppy for texting if needed and we are away.  Also, please keep us informed on your pups development, we WANT to know how they are doing as we take great pride in the pups we produce. 

We feed and highly recommend:  Life Abundance  Large breed puppy food.  It is 1.2% calcium and .80 in phosphorus.   Their ALL STAGE Food is 1.2% calcium and .90 phosphorus.   We use their Tasty Rewards for training.  If you click on the link it will take you to their page where you can register under Remedy Labradors and order your food, treats, shampoo, ear cleaner and other treats.  DO NOT give your pups vitamin's! Their cat food is great for cats due to LOW ash content.  The food is holistic, has never had a recall and was developed by a Veterinarian Nutritionist.   They also eat less as they digest more, also making for a compact stool.

We sell our pups on a Limited Registration, which means you can achieve ALL AKC titles except show in the conformation ring or use for breeding.  IF per chance you want a pup to show in the conformation ring, we need to talk extensively and make sure all is understood without question. 

Be very careful in selecting a breeder of chocolates as some have two kennel names, one which they breed they call "silver" which is not a full blooded Labrador, it was crossed with a  Weimaraner.  Quality breeders perform a genetic test on their chocolates to make sure they do not carry the dilute gene which would produce a "silver or charcoal".  These are NOT Labradors.   They are however registered as "chocolate".  AKC is only a registry for dogs - not quality control. 

Our "OLD" web site is www.RemedyLabradorRetrievers.com and is still up to see even more of our Labradors but can be difficult to navigate - but - it is enjoyable. 

Don't forget to view our Remedy Labradors Face Book page

This page up-dated    7/30/2018     SFW

Below is where Remedy pups are born and raised until they are about four weeks old.  The whelping box is made of Fiberglas with an insulated floor.  Faux lambswool is used for mother and pups to lay on and secure footing for the pups.  They are surrounded by photos and titles of our Labradors.


When the pups are old enough, they spend their day's outside in their play area under an old Florida Camphor tree with plenty of shade and a cool breeze.  They get to see the Quarter horses and take walks to the pond.  In the evening the come back to the house to a secure night time play area.
The play yard has been increased in size and now has a new look.  It is now 20' x 30' with wood decking in the center where they are fed.  New photos are on our FB page and will be up-dated on our web site.


Remedy Labradors is no longer breeding Chocolate Labradors, however we will answere questions and make recommendations for quality breeders that do breed quality TRUE Chocolates and participate in AKC events with their Labradors, not just "breed".   Please be cautious with a kennel that has two kennel names at the same address.  It has been found that they not only breed chocolate but also breed the "so called silver or charcoal" which are not full blooded Labrador Retrievers and come with health issues due to the outside influence to create the "color".  Quality breeders now  do DNA Genetic testing to make sure their breeding stock does not carry the dilute gene.
Buyer PLEASE be Aware!  

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