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Remedy Labrador Retrievers, founded in 1983 by Sarah & Jim Wonnell, D.V.M.
Members of the LRC (Labrador Retriever Parent Club) since 1990 
ecognized by AKC as Breeders Of Merit in the United States. 
We have shown our Labradors across the country from Alaska to Maine and Florida to California.  Entering the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in NY for many years with several of our Labradors and achieving a JAM with our # 1 Labradors who was also the # 1 Sporting dog in the US .  He,  "Gator" , also earned a BIS (Best in Show) and BISS (Best in Specialty show) and a Junior Hunter Title.  He was the 2nd Labrador in history to have all those titles.   We also have several BISS awards to our credit for the Labradors we have bred, one was a 2 X BISS winner.

We also participate in AKC hunt tests from coast to coast including the Master National many times with several of our Labradors.  Since 2017 we are also participating in the Master Amateur National which is only run by amateurs and their dogs.  You, as an amateur,  have to qualify with six passes during their time frame to be invited to run.  We  have donated pups and stud services to Service and Guide dog organizations through the years.   We have also participated in the Puppies behind Bars Program.

We Breed for the integrity of the breed with temperament being # 1, making excellent companions. Trainable for obedience, agility, hunting for the gentleman hunterr,  conformation for the show ring, but first and foremost, a family member.

Jim Wonnell is a Florida Licensed Veterinarian who graduated from Purdue University of Veterinariary Medicine in 1967. Jim  owned and operated his Small Animal Veterinary Hospital since 1972 and retired from his practice that carry's the same name in 2016.  Animal Medical Hospital in Stuart, Florida is now run by Dr. Lynlee Miller.  Sarah Wonnell has a BFA from William Woods University in Fulton Missouri and was an Interior Designer with her own business for 12 years.  After being published in Southern Accents in 1990,  I changed from design to concentrating on our two children,  Michael and Jeffrey and our Labrador Retrievers on a full time basis.  Both or us are 8 point Master National qualified judges.  Jim was the Region 1 Judge for the 2011 Master National in  Maryland and one of the judges in Oregon in 2018.  Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Remedy Labrador Retrievers has established a Labrador breeding kennel which excels in the conformation ring as well as  obedience, agility, field and therapy dogs to visit the sick in hospitals and helping those who are disabled,  all of which are family members first and foremost. 

How "Remedy" came about as a kennel name. 
My husband had a boat when I met him, it was named Remedy.  The boat was sold to build his hospital and the 1973 corvette that we drove was given the license plate,  "Remedy".  After our first litter in 1986, we moved to the country and the fiberglass corvette could not withstand the then dirt road so the corvette was sold and we got a Ford Bronco to be able to take the Labradors with us and our  property where we live was named Remedy.
Thus, the kennel name of Remedy.

Below are some of Remedy Labrador's Favorite Links

What to feed your pup:  LIFE ABUNDANCE

Life Abundance food was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian.  Dr. Bicks was also President of the Veterinary Medical Association in NYC, appointed by Mayor Giuliani to help set up the largest animal shelter in the US.  The food does NOT contain Rice Protein Concentrate, wheat gluten or corn gluten.  It only contains human grade ingredients.  If you have a cat, they also have excellent cat food which is low in ash.  Also included in their products are treats for horses as well as many other healthy things for your pets.

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